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Humble Wood Fire: Bringing New Flavors to Gainesville, FL, From Brunch to Pizza and More

Humble Wood Fire, also known as Humble Pie or Humble, has become a beloved fixture in Gainesville, FL, serving up mouth-watering pizza, bagels, and now brunch. Founder Brett Ader started Humble as a side project that quickly grew into a food truck with a wood-burning oven. With the support of the community, their talented manager Tempra, and their amazing team, Humble has since expanded to two brick-and-mortar locations and a thriving bagel business.

Humble's menu has come a long way from its origins in Brett's bedroom, where he used to do all the prep work. As the business has grown, they've brought in fresh eyes, talent, and opinions to evolve the menu into something truly special. At Humble Wood Fire, they take classic dishes and give them a unique Humble twist, while also creating new and exciting options that take customers out of their comfort zones and into a world of new flavors and possibilities.

Their menu features a wide range of options, from their signature wood-fired pizzas to their unique take on Florida-style bagels. What's more, all of their menu items are made accessible for those following vegan and vegetarian diets, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the delicious flavors on offer. Whether you're looking for a tried-and-true classic or something completely new, Humble Wood Fire has something for everyone.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Humble has recently launched a brunch menu that promises to bring even more new flavors to the table. From breakfast burritos to eggs benedict, their brunch options are a must-try for anyone looking to explore new tastes and start their day off right.

Next time you're looking for a great place to eat, head to Humble Wood Fire. Their delicious pizzas and brunch are served at Depot Park and South Main Station, and their mouth-watering bagels can be found at 4th Avenue Food Park. Plus, don't forget to download the BYPPO app to earn $5 towards your next order at Humble Wood Fire or other local spots. Let's support our local businesses and indulge in some truly delicious food.

Written by: Adriana Rosales, BYPPO Marketing Team

University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication Student


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